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of stars and stones 
an album by
Leigh Ivin and Inga Liljeström

Aural landscapes, atmospheric drones, walls of sound created by layered pedal steel guitar and found sounds...sung poems creating dreamlike mirages, darkness interspersed with shards of light

“I guess if I was looking for a single word to describe Leigh Ivin and Inga Liljeström’s ‘Of Stars and Stones’, it would surely be “haunted”. 

From the relentless grit-laced rhythmic pulse of the opening track “Stars” through the icy horizonless vista of ‘Wolf’ … there’s a sort of melancholic primal invocation of fairy-tales-gone-wrong infusing this entire collection. 

Ivin’s beautiful corroded tonal undercurrents provide the perfect counterpoint to Liljeström’s spectral vocals, a blending which really shines in the evocative ‘River’ and the melancholy loneliness of ‘Wolf’ 

The collection ends with two beautiful songs, Ghost of Daniel and Zephyr Wind, tracks which I find playing over and over for their mysterious beauty. “


Peter Miller, Australian sound designer, music composer, digital image artist. 18th July 2022

'Of Stars and Stones' presents as a cinematic score for a film that is yet to be made.  Leigh and Inga conjure dark landscapes and restless ghosts.  Atmospheres layered with drama,  at times violent but mostly hauntingly beautiful.”  


Glendyn Ivin, Film Director, 20th June 2022

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"I've been a fan of Inga's music for a long time. She has traversed a wide array of styles of music, but the one thing that has been a constant (and the reason why fans of quality music have followed her across the years) is her fragile, vulnerable, beautiful voice. 


Of Stars and Stones touches on a few of the areas she has ventured into, but (for me) is a stellar collection of songs that have as their binding ethos, the ethereal nature of Inga's voice and a sonic quality that is literally of the stars and sometimes the stones. Must listen to music that will stand the test of time." 

Tim Ritchie The boss at Tim Ritchie Media. 30 June 2022

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"There is something about how Inga and her chosen collaborators lean into projects fully committed to allowing an idea to take them where it needs to go.  

There is something about how Inga finds that intersection between the deepest depths of dark and the endless possibilities of love and light.

When I first heard Ghost of Daniel,  I cried for all my own lost friends and at the same time was filled to the brim with all the love they had brought into my world.

For me, when Inga sings, magic happens.  "

Gayle Austin, first female rock DJ in Australia JJ. Curved Radio, 2SER. 


Inga Liljestrom 

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