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Education & Training

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2021: Jo Estill Voice training level 1 & 2, UK

2019 - current PhD Humanities in Music : University New England, Australia

2016: Diploma level 1 & 2 Sound Therapy : Sound Healing Academy, UK

1993: Honours : Southern Cross University, Australia

1989 - 1992: BA music (voice) Southern Cross University, Australia 

2022: Of Stars and Stones: Leigh Ivin and Inga Liljestrom: independent release

2020: Incantation: Tayu: independent release

2017: We Have Tigers: Inga Liljeström and Michael Lira: Accord Croises, France

2014: Two Dangers: Inga Liljeström: Dessous de Scene, France; Groovescooter Records, Australia

2012: Songs of Sorrow for the Hollow of His Heart: Groovescooter Records, Australia

2011: Black Crow Jane: Inga Liljeström: Emergence, France; Grooverscooter Records, Australia

2007: Quiet Music for Quiet People: Vitamin Records, Australia

2005: Sprawling Fauns, Remix album, Groovescooter Records, Australia

2004: Elk: Groovescooter Records, Australia

1998: Urchin: independent release

2022: Kirsten Krauth's Almost a Mirror Production, Tathra, NSW, Australia

2021: Mediterranean Contemporary Art Prize with Marwan Nahle, Castello di Monteserico, Potenza, Italy

2021: with Marwan Nahle: Milvus Brewery, Sarnelli, Italy

2019: Théatre Municipal de Nevers, Nevers, France

2019: Support and guest for Peter Hemsley's album launch, St Mary's Church, UK

2018: Paul B, Massy, France

2018: Au fil des Voix Festival, Paris, France

2018: Green Note, London, UK

2018: Servant Jazz Quarters, Dalston, London, UK

2017: Pan Piper, Paris, France

2017: Old 505 Theatre, Newtown, Australia

2016: Bellingen Winter Festival, Australia

2016: Venue 505, Sydney, Australia

2016: Bearded Tit, Sydney, Australia

2015: Venue 505, Sydney, Australia

2015: Servant Jazz Quarters, Dalston, London, UK

2015: Hotel Blue, Katoomba, Australia

2014: Django Bar, Sydney, Australia

2014: La Loge, Paris, France

2014: Scala Theatre with Arne Brun, Nykarleby, Finland

2014: album launch 'Two Dangers', venue 505, Sydney, Australia

2014: Kindlehill School, Wentworth Falls, Australia

2014: Lawson Mechanical Hall: Veronique Serret  & Matt Tonks, Australia

2014: Non Lieu, Marseille, France

2014: Galerie Chanelle, Cucuron, France

2013: Madame Claude, Berlin, Germany

2012: La Machine du Moulin Rouge, Paris, France

2012: Le Abattoirs, Paris, France

2012: Support for Dillon at Fuzz'Yon, Paris, France

2012: Prague, Czech Republique

2011: l'Ebullition, Switzerland

2011: Le Ciel, Grenoble, France

2011: Festival des Adventuriers, Fontenay sous Bois, France

2011: Venue 505, Sydney, Australia

2011: Peats Ridge Festival

2011: Cafe de la Danse, launch 'Black Crow Jane', Paris, France

2010: Wroclaw Impart Festival, Poland

2009: Guest singer with Scott Matthew, Paris, France and Italy

2009: Guest singer with The Church, Enmore Theatre, Sydney, Australia

2009: Guest singer with The Church, The Basement, Sydney, Australia

2009: Guest singer with Lior, Enmore Theatre, Sydney, Australia

2008: Colours of Ostrava Festival, Czech Republique

2008: Divan du Monde, Paris, France

2008: Bellingen Global Festival, Australia

2007: Paradise City tour, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Recife, Brazil

2007: Paradise City, regional tour, Australia

2007: Paradise City, Studio, Sydney Opera House season, Sydney, Australia

2006: Sydney Festival, FBi, Becks Festival Bar, Sydney

2006: Support for Françoiz Breut (France), @Newtown, Sydney, Australia

2006: Support for Sian Evans (Kosheen, UK), Bondi, Sydney, Australia

2005: Peats Ridge Festival: Cameron Undy & Veronique Serret, Australia

2005: Femme Funk Festival, New Caledonia

2005: Cockatoo Island Festival, Sydney

2005: supporting Ursula Rucker, Studio, Sydney Opera House, Australia

2005: Audio Noir: Groovescooter Records, Studio, Sydney Opera House, Australia

2005: @Newtown, Sydney, Australia

2004: Vanguard, Newtown, Sydney, Australia

2002: Big Day Out, guest vocalist with The Baggsmen

2002: Toured with The Baggsmen as guest vocalist, Australia

2000: Newtown Festival with Friendly as guest Vocalist, Australia

1998-1999: Toured with d.i.g. as guest vocalist, Australia and New Zealand

1991-1993: Duo with Jim Kelly (Crossfire guitarist)

2023 Velatine track 'Nothing To Do With You' with Loki Lockwood

2022 Almost a Mirror podcast by Kirsten Krauth: Wide Open Road with Zoe Barry and Zed Palmer

2021-2022 Nicole Skeltys rock Opera

2022 Lake Lustre Joe Scerri single 'Nothing's For Keeps'

2019 Peter Hemsley album: Beauty of Time

2009 The Church album: El Momento Siguiente

2008 Hollywood Mon Amour album: Hollywood Mon Amour (Marc Collin Nouvelle Vague, France)

2007 Gotye remix album: Mixed Blood Remix with Michael Lira 'Coming Home'

2006 Kidzen (Cameron Undy) album: Kidzen

2006 Junglehammer: Junglehammer 1 

2006 Refashioned oo7 The James Bond Themes: From Russia with Love with Sloth and Heidi Elva

2006 Carmen Rizzo album: The Lost Art of the Idle Moment

2005 Hi-Fi Mike album: Swim, In the Deep

2005 Fourplay String Quartet: Digital Manipulation remix with Paul Searles

2005 The Modern Congress (Tim Rollinson) album: The Hidden Soul of Harmony

2002 Gerling single: Dust Me Selecta

2002 The Baggsmen: Close To Me single

2001 Itch-E & Scratch-E album: It Is What It Isn't 

2001 Refashioned 1 album: vocalist with Kevin Purdy

1998 d.i.g. album: Curveystrasse

2017 Wild Antarctica by Galaxiid: winner of Music and Nature award at the 2017 Wildlife Conservation Film Festival in NYC

2011 Australia Council for the Arts Grant [Music, New work] for film/ music project based in France’ ‘Paris- she loves me, she loves me not’
2009 Australia Council for the Arts Grant [Music, New work] for study of Yoik singing 

2007 Australia Council for the Arts Grant [International Touring Grant]

2005 Australia Council for the Arts Grant [Music, New work] DVD and remix project ‘Sprawling Fauns’ 
2001 Australia Council for the Arts Grant [Music, New work] for album ‘ELK'
1996 Australia Council for the Arts Grant [Music, New work] for album ‘Urchin’

2022 Our Haunt film (to be released) :Music by Jason Fernandez, director Daniel Reisinger. Contributed 'Crone Voice' 

2020 MYNE commercial, UK

2017 Wild Antarctica by Galaxiid: winner of Music and Nature award at the 2017 Wildlife Conservation Film Festival in NYC.

2016 The Ketting Incident, The Homecoming episode, hymn 'Abide With Me' Award winning series

2016 Hopscotch short film by Kate Halpin, music by Michael Lira. Co-wrote track 'We Have Tigers'

2015 Trailer for film by Michele Konrad: Whalebone co-write with Jonathan Zwartz

2015 This Creek, documentary by Tanya Stadelmann, track This Creek, lyrics by Scott Reagan

2014  Nerve, feature film by Australian director Sebastien Guy. Contributed songs
2013 Dracula series - trailor 'Bloodstain' Sky (UK), NBC (USA) 

2012 Gas Rush Stories, documentary series, by Kirsi Jansa
2012 Dream Possession, a film by Elli Ioannou, Vogue site
2012 Celebration of Adonis and Eros, Milano, a film by Elli Ioannou

2012 Rake (TV series) 'Lord I'm Coming Home' with Antony PartosDavid McCormack and Michael Lira

2007 Left Ear feature film by Redrug Andrew Wholley and Lech Mackiewicz. Winner of TOFI Film      Festival 2008 Special Jury Prize, Winner M.U.F.F.2007 - best actor, best film, best screenplay. Contributed vocals and songs.

2008 Bloodbrothers- vocals on theme song, ABC TV

2004 Yolk short film by Stephan Lance, award winning. Music by Decoder Ring, Inga Liljestrom

2000 Angst feature film by Australian director Daniel Nettheim. Collaborative tracks

2000 Sample People feature film, contributed vocals to 'Space Shiva' composer Rafael May

1997 Calling Young Hong Kong documentary- music composer, SBS TV, Australia

2016 Light Origami by Masakazu Shirane (Japan), produced by Reuben Young @ Singapore Light Festival, Singapore

2016 Light Origami by Masakazu Shirane (Japan), produced by Reuben Young @ Scottsdale Light Festival, Arizona, USA

2015 Light Origami by Masakazu Shirane (Japan), produced by Reuben Young @VIVID festival, Sydney

2013 Concrete and Bone, a Branch Nebula Production, collaboration on tracks with Bob Scott

2015 Haiku, an installation by Yantra de Vilder, PhD show, Gosford Regional Gallery, Australia. Vocalist

2014 In Bocca al Lupo - Marta Ferracin, BFA honours show, National Art School Gallery, Sydney, Australia
2014 Nykarleby Recall: group exhibit. Coming Back, Finland
2010 ‘Via Arena- Hidden Heroes film by Elli Ioannou, T 35- Milan, Salone del Mobile Internazionale, Milan, Italy

2007- 2008 Paradise City, a Branch Nebula Production, Regional NSW, season @ Studio, Sydney Opera House, and international touring to Brazil, South America

2017 - present Sound Healing teaching with the Sound Healing Academy, Cornwall, UK

2014 Novia University of Applied Sciences, Jakobstad, Finland, show entitled ‘Ancestry’

2012 Southern Cross University, Australia, show entitled ‘Undone

2009 Novia University of Applied Sciences, Nykarleby, Finland, show entitled ‘Sparkstotting’

2006 Australia Council for the Arts representing popular music as guest advisor

2008 Australia Council for the Arts representing popular music as guest advisor

2014 Paris- she loves me she loves me not- solo project- footage of Paris to accompany project funded by the Australia Council for the Arts
2005 Film footage with Andrew Whoolley for live projections for original music concerts
Video clips- collaborations with Australian film makers to original music from Elk album, funded by the Australia Council for the Arts

2007 Quiet Music for Quiet People- Slowly Surfacing- video by Redcell, awards include Best Music Video, Great Lakes Independent Film Festival, 2nd Prize Best Music Video, ReelHeART International Film Fest, Toronto Canada, and Nominated Best Music Video, Hollywood DV/HD Festival

Radio live to air

Radio live to air

2018 Doualiya radio, Paris, France with Mayssa MC, songs from 'We Have Tigers' with Melissa Cox

2017 FranceInter, Paris, France, songs from album 'We Have Tigers' with full band

2011 FranceInter, Paris, France, songs from album ‘Black Crow Jane’ with full band

2006 Live to Air, Radio National, ABC, improvised piece for Quiet Music for Quiet People with Bob Scott

2006 Live to air Fbi, 2ser radio stations
2005 Live to Air JJJ, song from ‘Elk’ with full band
2001 Rove Live Australia, television appearance- Gerling
1998 Goodmorning Australia- d.i.g television live to air with Kerrie-Anne Kennerley


2021 The Victorian Writer magazine, June-August edition, ‘The Act of Listening.’ 

2020 The Singer’s Companion by Christine Sullivan. Interview included.

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